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Enabling Legacy Focus in a Mashup
In ThingWorx 9.4 or later, the focus box is only displayed when using the keyboard. In previous versions, a focus box is displayed around widgets when the mouse or the keyboard is used to interact with a widget at run time. You can control the behavior of the focus in new and existing mashups using the LegacyFocus mashup property. By default, the legacy focus mode is disabled in mashups that are created in ThingWorx 9.4 or later. For more information about mashup properties, see Configuring Mashup Properties.
To enable legacy focus in a mashup, perform the following steps:
1. On the Explorer panel, select the top-level mashup node.
2. On the Properties panel, set the LegacyFocus property to true.
3. Click Save, then View Mashup.
The legacy focus mode is applied to the mashup.
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