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Widgets are the visual components that you can add and configure in Mashup Builder. You can use widgets to visualize data and to allow users to perform actions and interact with your mashups. Each widgets has properties that enable you to configure various options such as users to create dynamic mashups.
In Mashup Builder, widgets are listed on the Widgets panel. You can filter the results The following image shows the Widgets panel.
Widget Categories
You can filter the list based on each one of the following main categories:
Standard—The latest standard themed widgets in addition to widgets that are not replaced by a themed widget. For more information, see Standard Widgets.
Themable—Web-component widgets that include the latest available features and enhancements that allow you to style your mashups using style themes. PTC recommends using themable widgets when possible.
Legacy—Widgets that have new themable widget replacements. Legacy widgets will not have additional enhancements in future releases of ThingWorx and they are replaced when you migrate a mashup. We do not recommend using legacy widgets when creating new mashups. For more information, see Legacy Widgets.
Imported—Custom widgets that are added to Mashup Builder as part of an extension. For more information, see Extensions.
The following icons are displayed next to widget names in the list.
—Indicates that the widget is themable.
—Indicates that the widget is responsive and automatically expands or shrinks to fit the available space in a container.
For more information about the panel, see About the Widgets Panel.
Widget Subcategories
Widget categories and subcategories can be used to help you to find widgets based on their function. Widgets that perform a similar function are listed together in each of the following subcategories:
Charts, Collaboration, Common, Components, Containers, Data, and Navigation.
The following table lists the latest standard widgets based on category.
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