Configuring Auto Focus
Auto focus enables you to set the focus on a specific widget when a user views a mashup at run time. You can enable auto focus to visually guide the user to the first action they can or should perform in an application. For example, you can focus on the first Texfield widget in a form mashup. To enable auto focus, enable the FocusOnLoad property for one of the following types of widgets:
Chip Based Data Filter
File Upload
Text Area
Text Field
The following image shows a mashup with auto focus enabled for the first Textfield widget.
The Textfield widget is automatically highlighted with a blue border when the mashup loads.
Enabling FocusOnLoad automatically disables the legacy focus mode.
Enabling Auto Focus for a Widget
1. In Mashup Builder, select a widget on the canvas or using the Explorer panel.
2. On the Properties panel, set the FocusOnLoad property to true.
3. Click Save.
When the FocusOnLoad property is enabled for more than one widget in a mashup, the first widget in the layout is in focus.
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