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Advanced Grids Samples File
The sample data and configuration entities are provided as a link in the PTC Software Download page under ThingWorx Foundation and is available for download. To use the samples, follow these to find the samples file and import it into the ThingWorx Composer.
1. Open the following link to the entities XML file, then right-click and select Save as... to save the sample file to a local folder.
2. In Composer, click Import/Export, and then choose Import. The Import dialog box opens.
3. Under Import Option, select From File.
4. Under File Name, click Browse and navigate to the sample file that you saved in step 1 and select it.
5. Click Import. The entities in the file are imported to Composer.
6. When the file import is complete, the entities in the list that follows are available in Composer and the Mashup Builder.
Thing called GridAdvancedExampleServices that contains both data and configuration services for a set of sample employee data, a set of sample weather data, and a set of sample hierarchical parts data
Several Data Shapes which are tied to services in the GridAdvancedExampleServices Thing
Several sample mashups that include advanced grids or tree grids, all built with the sample data services and some configured with the sample configuration services
To View a Sample Configuration Service in Composer
To view a sample configuration service in Composer:
1. From Composer, browse to Modeling/Things and open the GridAdvancedExampleServices Thing.
2. Click Services in the left panel. The available sample services appear on the right.
3. Select one of the configuration services and click Edit to view the script window.
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