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Advanced Grids (Legacy)
The Advanced Grids include two widgets: Grid (Advanced) and Tree Grid (Advanced). Both widgets provide flexible, interactive ways to display data in grid views. Each widget supports numerous ways to render column data and on-the-fly configuration of the data display.
In ThingWorx 9.3 or later, the Grid (Advanced) widget is replaced by the standard Grid (Themable) widget.
In ThingWorx 9.3.4 or later, the Tree Grid (Advanced) widget is replaced by the standard Grid (Themable) widget.
How Are the Advanced Grid and Advanced Tree Grid Widgets Different from the Legacy Grid?
Advanced grid widgets provide options for a fully dynamic grid configuration. When a grid is configured dynamically, through a ThingWorx service, the grid can be built without dependence on a Data Shape. Both grid widgets also make it easier to work with grid in design time and in run time environments.
In addition, the Advanced Tree Grid is designed to handle hierarchical data and can provide expandable nodes that display parent and child data relationships in a tree structure.
The Advanced Grid and the Advanced Tree Grid widgets are not backwards compatible with the legacy grid widget. These advanced grids are alternatives to the standard grid. They include advanced features but are not a one-to-one replacement of every feature available in the standard grid. There is no upgrade path from the standard grid to one of the advanced grids.
The following sections list the key features in both advanced grids, features that are unique to the advanced tree grid, and features that are available in the standard grid that are not currently included in the advanced grids.
Key Features in Both Advanced Grids
Options for building grids using either a static or a dynamic configuration:
Static – Use the properties available in the Mashup Builder to configure the grid.
Dynamic – Bind the grid to a configuration service that returns a JSON object with the configuration parameters.
Enhancements related to dynamic grid configuration:
Not limited by dependence on an underlying Data Shape because grid configuration parameters are passed in dynamically from a configuration service.
More control over certain style properties, such as font settings
Changes to grid configuration in both Mashup Builder and with a service:
Real-time data updates in Design View. Design changes reflected on-the-fly in the data.
Subset of the most useful column renderers that are available, including Boolean, Datetime, Html, Hyperlink, Imagelink, Integer, Location, Long, Number, and String.
Sorting on multiple columns.
Multiple-row selection options.
Grid reset button.
Global grid search field.
Auto width column sizing and fixed-width column sizing (in pixels or percentages).
Header and cell text alignment.
Toolbar and tooltip styling options.
Overflow options and tooltip support for header and data cells.
Data Filter widget enhancements:
Live data filtering on all data types. Data in the grid updates to reflect filtering.
OR queries in addition to the standard AND queries.
Data filtering that you can combine with search and sort parameters.
Context menu in run time where you can hide or unhide columns from the column headers.
Server-side sorting and search functionality that sort or search on all data rather than just the data currently loaded in the grid.
Per user/per grid cookie to persist display settings such as hidden columns, column order across the grid, column size, column sort order (ordering of rows), and row expansion in tree grids.
Support for rendering images in a grid cell.
Localization support for column headers in both JSON and Mashup Builder properties depends on specific ThingWorx point releases.
Addition of a footer section in a grid.
Features Unique to the Tree Grid
Expandable nodes for viewing multiple levels of parent/child data.
Separate options to preload initial data and dynamically load child data.
JavaScript tree-loading data service that provides search and filter functionality for parent and child data after the source of the data is defined.
Auto expanding rows as defined from a service by specifying the ID of any row to be expanded.
Features of the Standard Grid Not Currently Available in Advanced Grids
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Cell editing —
Cell editing is available for all column formats currently supported in the Advanced Grid. You can also edit Boolean checkboxes at run time.
Cell validation —
Cell validation includes validation expressions and validation messages. Invalid values for a specific column type are not accepted by a grid; therefore, the existing valid value is kept.
Support for all column renderers
The set of renderers currently supported in the advanced grids is limited to the following: STRING, NUMBER, LONG, LOCATION, BOOLEAN, HTML, HYPERLINK, IMAGELINK, and DEFAULT
The Advanced Grids are available as standard widgets in the ThingWorx Platform for 8.5.X and later.
ThingWorx 8.4.X and earlier uses Advanced Grids that are available as extensions in the PTC Software Download page. There may not be an upgrade for these extensions in later releases. It is recommended to use the standard widgets in the ThingWorx Platform 8.5.X and later.
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