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Best Practices after Migration
After you migrate a mashup, review the layout, style, and bindings of widgets, data services, and functions within it. The default size of the new widgets is different from the size of the legacy widgets, which can affect the layout of your mashup.
You can improve the appearance of migrated widgets on the mashup in one of the following ways:
Create a new style theme:
a. Duplicate the PTC Convergence Theme theme.
b. Customize the style theme by decreasing the font size under the style theme global settings.
c. Apply the style theme to a mashup where the larger widget size is affecting the layout.
For more information about creating and applying a style theme, see Creating a Style Theme and Applying a Style Theme to a Mashup.
Test the width and height properties:
Review the widgets and check their width and height properties. You can resize any widgets if required. The replacement widgets are responsive. To enable responsive sizing for the new widgets, reset the width and height property values of the legacy widgets after the migration.
To keep the fixed size from the legacy widget, do not reset its height and width properties.
For examples and use-cases on migrating legacy widgets and layouts, see Migrating a Legacy Layout and Migrating Legacy Widgets.
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