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Migrating Legacy Mashups
The following section describes the process of migrating legacy mashup widgets and layouts to standard widgets, functions, and containers. Legacy widgets and layouts will be deprecated in a future release. We recommend that you migrate to standard widgets and layouts if your mashups contain legacy components. When creating a new mashup, you should use the Responsive mashup type and add widgets from the standard widgets category.
Migrating to the latest responsive mashup type enables you to create mashup designs faster and easier.
When you migrate, the following changes are made to the mashup:
Legacy layouts are migrated to containers.
Legacy widgets in your mashup are replaced with standard widgets.
Bindings between legacy widgets and other widgets or services are migrated to the replacement widgets.
Property values of legacy widgets are migrated to the standard widgets.
Some legacy widgets contain properties that are migrated to functions.
Style definitions used to style legacy widgets are replaced by the mashup style theme. You can configure how the style definitions of legacy widgets are migrated using the Mashup Migration dialog box. For more information, refer to the following section.
Migrating Styles within Style Definitions of Legacy Widgets
There are two types of style definitions that are used to style legacy widgets:
Default entities that are available in the platform. Custom styles within these entities are not migrated. You can apply the Legacy Styles Theme when migrating to achieve a similar look.
Custom entities that you created in Composer and applied to the widgets manually. You can migrate these styles when you select the Legacy Styles Theme or Custom Theme options within the Mashup Migration dialog box in mashup builder. When you migrate, the styles are migrated on a widget level as style properties on the Style Properties panel.
The replacement widgets are styled using the mashup style theme. By default, the style theme that is applied to new or migrated mashups is the PTC Convergence Theme. Use the Legacy Styles Theme to retain the style of default style definitions in your migrated mashup. You can also create and apply a custom theme.
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