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Applying Custom CSS to Legacy Widgets
You can add Custom Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) to the mashups that allow you to modify the interface, layout and presentation without changing the mashup. The following section describes applying custom CSS to widgets that are not web components. For information on applying custom CSS to web-component widgets, see Applying Custom CSS Styling to Web Component Widgets.
Use custom CSS sparingly. You must review and validate custom CSS rules manually when upgrading. PTC does not officially support migrating custom CSS rules. Future release of ThingWorx Foundation may not support your existing custom CSS rules.
The typical usages of Custom CSS for non-themed widgets are as follows:
Responsive UI — Specifies relative positions and dimensions (width/height), Media Queries, Flexboxes and other standard containers.
Animations — Works for any standard CSS key frame.
Detailed Decorations — Displays shadow, color, font, border in a window.
Customizations — Helps to modify the user interface without changing the mashup.
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