Configuring Mobile Settings
The following settings are not a part of a web standard. Some mobile browsers may ignore settings that you specify for zoom, full screen mode, and the status bar appearance.
You can edit the mobile settings on the Mobile Settings tab of a mashup entity. The following settings are available:
Initial Scale—Defines the default zoom scale when the mashup is loaded for the first time. You can enter a value between 0.1 and 10. The default value of 1 displays content at 100%.
Width—Sets the width of the mashup page. By default, the mashup is displayed according to the available screen width. Select Custom to enter a width value in pixels.
Height—Sets the height of the mashup page. By default, the mashup is displayed according to the available screen height. Select Custom to enter a height value in pixels.
Minimum Scale—Specifies the minimum scale that users can zoom out to. For example, enter 0.5 to prevent the users from zooming out to less than 50%.
Maximum Scale—Specifies the maximum scale that users can zoom in to. For example, enter 2 to limit zooming in to 200%. Enter 1 to disable to zooming in.
Disable Zoom-—Prevents users from zooming in and out using pinch-to-zoom.
Full Screen Mode—Opens the mashup in full screen mode. Turning this setting on hides the navigation and address bars in the browser, and the mashup appears as a native web application.
The following settings apply to iOS devices when you enable full screen mode:
Status Bar Appearance—Sets the style of the status bar on iOS. You can set it to Default, Black, or Black Translucent.
Shortcut Icon Title—Sets the title of the mashup. The title appears on the iOS home screen when the mashup page is added as shortcut.
For more information about iOS settings, see Configuring iOS Settings.
Disabling Zoom
This feature is not supported on all mobile devices and operating systems. Some mobile browsers allow zoom even when you disable it.
You can use this setting if your mashup is responsive and designed to fit the device width or height. Before you disable zoom, ensure that your mashup is still usable, and that the content does not overflow the defined dimensions. Disabling zoom may limit accessibility for some users. To disable zoom in a mashup, perform the following steps:
1. Open a mashup entity in Composer.
2. Click the Mobile Settings tab.
3. Under Global, select the Disable Zoom check box.
4. Click Save.
When zoom is disabled, users cannot zoom in or out using touchscreen gestures and the mashup scale is fixed.
Enabling Full Screen Mode
You can configure a mashup to open in full screen mode. Full screen mode enables you to use the maximum amount of screen space on a mobile device. This setting applies when the mashup is saved to the device home screen. When full screen mode is enabled on iOS, the address and navigation bars of the browser are hidden, and only the status bar is shown. You can set the style of the status bar to match the style of your application. When you apply this setting, ensure that users can still navigate within your mashup without using the navigation bar. You can configure additional settings for iOS when full screen mode is enabled.
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