Configuring iOS Settings
You can customize the mashup appearance on iOS devices using the Mobile Settings tab of a mashup entity. These settings are only available when you select the Full Screen Mode check box.
Setting the Status Bar Appearance
The status bar on iOS is the top area of the device screen. It shows information such as the current time and battery status. You can set the status bar appearance to one of the following color schemes:
Default—Black text and icons on a white background.
Black—Black text and icons on a black background.
Black Translucent—White text and icons. The background color matches one in your mashup.
This setting is applied when a mashup is opened using a shortcut on the Homescreen of an iOS device.
Configuring the Home Screen Shortcut
In iOS, users can save a mashup page as shortcuts to the device Home screen. Setting the Shortcut Icon Title option enables you to specify the default text for the shortcut icon. The text appears under the Homescreen icon. The following figure shows a mashup shortcut on an iOS Homescreen.
iOS Homescreen Shorcut
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