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When designing a mashup, functions are services that you can use to process and validate input from data services and widget properties. Each function has a number of bindable properties or parameters that you can bind to widgets and data services within your mashup. You can configure function options, such as input and output parameters, JavaScript code, and other function-specific options. This enables you to extend widgets and build advanced logic that adds more capability to your mashups. You can create, select, edit, or delete the following types of functions:
Auto Refresh—Refreshes data automatically for widgets in a mashup.
Confirmation—Displays a confirmation dialog box.
Events Router—Routes multiple input sources to one output of the same type.
Expression—Evaluates JavaScript expressions.
Logout—Ends the current user session and redirects to a mashup or a Web page.
Navigation—Navigates from one mashup to another.
Status Message—Displays information, error, or warning messages in a mashup.
Validator—Validates data from input parameters by using JavaScript expressions.
Function properties are displayed based on how you configure a function. Some properties are only displayed when you set a related option.
Creating a Function
1. On the Functions panel, click Create.
The New Function dialog opens.
2. Select a function type from the drop down list.
3. Enter a name for the function, and then click Next to configure the function.
4. Click Done.
The function is added to the Functions panel.
Editing a Function
1. Locate the function that you want to edit in the Functions panel.
2. Click Edit. The function options dialog opens.
3. Edit the function configuration options, and then click Done.
Viewing Bindings for a Function
On the Functions panel, click . The incoming and outgoing bindings for the function are displayed in the Bindings panel.
Configuring Bindings for a Function
On the Functions panel, click to open the bindings configuration dialog.
Deleting a Function
1. Open the Functions panel.
2. Select the function that you want to delete.
3. Click Delete.
When you delete a function, it is removed from the Functions panel. Any parameters or bindings to other widgets in the mashup are also deleted.
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