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Data Services and Bindings
In Mashup Builder, three panels provide data from the platform server:
Data—Data from ThingWorx entities.
Session—Data from session parameters.
User—Data from the user subsystem.
There are different data services available on the ThingWorx platform. The most common data services are based on the model entities you define for your IoT application. Each entity has a standard set of services, in addition to custom service definitions that you have implemented in your model. For example, all stream entries have a data service named QueryStreamEntries. There are also standard system objects, called resources, with data services. For more information about data services, see Thing Services.
ThingWorx data services call data into a mashup, and then render the data using a visualization widget. To display data in a mashup widget, you should perform the following steps:
1. Add one or more data services to the mashup.
To add a data service to a mashup, open the Data panel, and then click Add Data. The Add Data dialog opens. You can select from any Thing entities you have defined, including users and groups. You can also select data services from system resources and logs. For more information about adding data services, see Adding Data Services to a Mashup.
2. Create bindings between the data services and the data properties of the widget in your mashup. For more information about creating bindings, see Binding a Data Service to a Widget.
3. Bind an event to the service to execute it at run time. For more information about executing services, see Executing Data Services in a Mashup.
Services that you add with the Execute on Load check box selected are automatically executed at the mashup run time.
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