Supported Teamcenter PROSTEP Demo Connector Type
Add a Teamcenter PROSTEP Demo connector to authorize ThingWorx Flow to execute Teamcenter PROSTEP Demo actions. ThingWorx Flow supports the following connector type for Teamcenter PROSTEP Demo:
Adding a Basic connector
1. Drag any action under Teamcenter PROSTEP Demo to the canvas, place the pointer on the action, and then click or double-click the action.
2. In the Connect to OpenPDM list, select Add New.
3. Edit the Connector Label field, if you want. Labels are case-sensitive. Do not use spaces, special characters, and leading numbers.
4. Leave the Teamcenter PROSTEP credentials field as is.
The connection will be automatically established with a predefined demo account.
5. Click ADD to add the Teamcenter PROSTEP Demo Basic connector.
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