Supported Google Forms Connector Types
Add a Google Forms connector to authorize ThingWorx Flow to execute Google Forms trigger. ThingWorx Flow supports the following connector types for Google Forms:
OAuth (Named User)
OAuth (Session User)
Before you create a Google Forms OAuth connector, ensure that you load Google Forms OAuths to the ThingWorx Flow server.
The the OAuth provider label can not be Google.
Adding an OAuth connector
1. While adding a Google Forms trigger to the workflow, for Connector Type, select OAuth (Named User) or OAuth (Session User).
2. In the Google Forms OAuth list, select Add new Google Form login – Named User or Add new Google Form login – Session User.
If you have not loaded Google Forms OAuths to the ThingWorx Flow server, this option is not available.
3. Provide your user name and password to log in to Google Forms.
4. Review access permissions, and click Allow.
5. Edit the Connector Label, if you want. Labels are case-sensitive. Do not use spaces, special characters, and leading numbers.
6. Click ADD to add the Google Forms OAuth connector.
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