Active Directory Changes
After the initial setup you make changes in ThingWorx Platform. What happens in the related Active Directory directory service? This topic explains.
If a user is deleted or updated in the domain server, a group mapping is updated in the associated ThingWorx Active Directory directory service. If the user default settings change, it is recommended to use the TerminateUserSessions service in the CurrentSessionInfo resource for that user in ThingWorx.
If either of the configuration changes listed below are made, and there is a user who was created from the previous configuration, the Active Directory directory service cannot migrate the past user to the new user. Instead, a new user is created and managed, based on the new or different values set with the attribute specified in the User ID Attribute Name and/or domain.
The value of the User ID Attribute Name in the Schema Mappings configuration is a user name.
The Domain prefix is changed.
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