Building a ThingWorx Solution
The recommended workflow for building an IoT solution on ThingWorx platform is as follows:
1. Create a Project.
2. Create Model Tags.
3. Create Thing Shapes to implement common or shared properties and services.
PTC recommends that you use Thing Shapes to define the properties and services. If you define properties and services on a Thing Template, it is difficult to move their definitions to a Thing Shape.
4. Create Thing Templates that implement one or more Thing Shapes.
5. Decide how you will store data, for example, using Value Streams, Data Tables, and so on.
6. If general services for business logic are required, consider creating manager or helper things to consolidate the services.
7. Create the user interface for the solution in the Mashup Builder.
8. Set up visibility and permissions for Organizations, User Groups and Users.
9. Package your solution.
Path A: If you want to deploy your solution to other ThingWorx instances, package and publish it using Solution Central. Solution Central is a cloud-based portal that provides enterprise deployment assistance for your ThingWorx solutions. The Solution Central Help Center provides detailed instructions on packaging, publishing, and deploying a solution using Solution Central.
Path B: If you want to deploy your solution outside of ThingWorx, package it as an extension. If you have dependencies on other extensions, define them in the metadata of the extension. See the section Installing a ThingWorx Solution to install the extension.
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