A tag is a combination of a vocabulary and a specific vocabulary term. A tag is shown as Vocabulary:VocabularyTerm. Almost every ThingWorx entity can be tagged. Tags can be used to create a relationship between many different ThingWorx entities.
A vocabulary is a list of words or identifiers used to describe a particular concept or Thing. A vocabulary contains multiple vocabulary terms. An example of a vocabulary would be colors or locations.
A vocabulary term is a word or phrase used to describe a Thing or to express a concept. Some examples of vocabulary terms of the colors vocabulary are red, blue, and green. For locations, it can be city names of manufacturing plants.
It is possible to tag ThingWorx entities with more than one tag. Some examples are:
Departments:Finance; Colors:Green
Departments:Procurement; Colors:Green; Colors:Blue
Tags can be used to filter search results, export specific data, and create relationships between ThingWorx entities.
Model Tags
Model tags are used to attach terms to items in your model, such as Things and Thing Templates. By using model tags, it is easy to search for and find related model entities. Tags are an organization helper, in addition to using collections. They are specifically used for searching the model, and do not have to represent hierarchical relationships.
Data Tags
Data tags are used to attach terms to data that is created or collected at run time. For example, you can attach specific reason codes to a down time event. Or you can tag time series data with the Lot ID that is being produced at the time the data was collected. By using data tagging, you can search for information related to specific terms on any data within ThingWorx.
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