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ThingWorx Apps 9.1.0 Release Notes
The following feature enhancements, resolved support cases, known issues and limitations, and end-of-support information are part of ThingWorx Apps 9.1.0:
Subscription-Based Status Calculation Available
Systems with large numbers of assets that do not use KPIs can use the subscription-based status calculation for improved performance. Because this configuration stores status information in a value stream rather than the database, the subscription-based status calculation does not support KPI calculation.
Operator Advisor Enhancements
Multiple work definitions can be linked to a single job order. A new job-order-to-work-definition link Data Shape has been added to the data model to support this. For more information, see Job Order Work Definition Link Properties.
Work definitions can be imported into Operator Advisor once (cached), and then cloned multiple times within Operator Advisor, as needed. It is no longer necessary to import work definitions for each usage. For more information, see Cloning and Caching Work Definitions.
A new Data Shape for work definition metadata has been added to the data model to support cloning work definitions. When upgrading to 9.1, work definition metadata entries are created for all existing root work definitions, with IsCached set to false. For more information, see Using Work Definition Metadata.
A new Data Shape for external systems has been added to the data model. When external systems are configured, the source system for imported work definitions can be optionally specified in the work definition metadata entry for the imported work definition. For more information, see Configuring External Systems.
Manufacturing Planning Example Implementation Enhancements
The user interface for the Manufacturing Planning example implementation has been updated to a new look and feel, including updates to the mashups, widgets and services used. For more information, see Manufacturing Planning Example Implementation.
New functionality has been added to the Manufacturing Planning example implementation:
The Work Definitions tab for job orders allows root work definitions to be linked to the job order. A root work definition is the top-level work definition for a set of work instructions. For more information, see Work Definitions Tab for Job Orders.
The Work Instructions tab for work definitions displays the set of work instructions (child work definitions) associated with the root work definition that is being viewed. For more information, see Work Instructions Tab for Work Definitions.
Asset Advisor Performance Enhancements
The performance of pagination and filtering in Asset Advisor has been improved to support large numbers of assets.
As part of improving performance, equipment counts are no longer listed for the individual statuses in the Monitor Status filter in Asset Advisor.
Projects Required for New Entities
Projects are now required when creating new entities in ThingWorx.
All entities provided with ThingWorx Apps 9.1 and later have a project assigned.
When duplicating an entity provided with ThingWorx Apps, a new project must be assigned. For more information, see Duplicating Extension Entities.
For more information, see Projects in the ThingWorx Help Center.
ThingView Widget Property Change
The available values for the Views property on the ThingView widget have been changed. Any custom mashups that make use of this property must be updated to ensure the correct use of the changed property values.
For more information, see ThingView Widget: Properties.
Resolved Support Cases
The following support cases are resolved in ThingWorx Apps 9.1.0:
Case Number
Issue has been addressed where ThingView widget views were being carried forward from the previously viewed model when a new model is viewed.
Issue has been addressed where the referenced geometry was not highlighted when a 3D annotation was selected in the ThingView widget.
Issue has been addressed where an updated cron string for a ThingWorx Apps scheduler was not properly saved in ThingWorx Composer.
Known Issues and Limitations
The following known issues and limitations are present in ThingWorx Apps 9.1.0 release:
Known Issue
A ThingWorx Apps session does not time out automatically after the Idle Session Timeout (min) setting for the UserManagementSubsystem has been reached.
ThingWorx Apps is designed to display updated information in real time, and does not time out.
In the Manufacturing Planning example implementation, when viewing the CAD tab of the Work Instructions page for a work definition, the Orientation pane of the ThingView widget does not expand.
This issue is not present when the PTC.SCA.SCO.UnifiedWorkInstructionsScreenMashup is viewed outside of the Manufacturing Planning example implementation.
For more information, see Work Instructions Example Implementation.
During an upgrade, the equipment status value is not changed by the server shutting down and restarting. The equipment status after the server is restarted reflects the last status value before the server was shut down. As a result, KPI calculations which use the status duration can include misleading data for the upgrade timeframe.
This issue will be addressed in a future ThingWorx Apps release.
When using the CreateEquipment service on the PTC.SCA.SCO.ManageResourceUtils Thing to simultaneously, asynchronously create multiple equipment, some equipment is failing to create.
Simultaneous, asynchronous equipment creation is supported on PostgreSQL, but is not supported on MSSQL.
For PostgreSQL, increase the maxPoolSize setting in platform_settings.json and the max_connections setting for the database so that they are a larger number than the equipment being created. For example, if you are creating 100 assets, increase the maxPoolSize and max_connections settings to 110.
For more information, see platform-settings.json Configuration Details in the ThingWorx Help Center and the documentation available for your database.
Videos do not render in the Video Player widget in the Safari browser on Mac OS.
This issue will be addressed in a future ThingWorx Apps release.
For Windchill MPMLink process plans converted into Operator Advisor in ThingWorx Apps 8.5.2, unit and quantity information is not displayed correctly.
For Windchill MPMLink process plans converted into Operator Advisor prior to ThingWorx Apps 8.5.2, operated-on parts are not stored, and cross-selection highlighting does not function.
Workaround: Convert the process plan again, after upgrading to ThingWorx Apps 9.1.
Viewing mashups directly from within ThingWorx Composer for the first time can result in a message saying that the user does not have a valid license.
Workaround: Reload the mashup.
This issue will be addressed in a future ThingWorx Apps release.
Options navigation criteria does not filter process plans as expected during conversion when operations are "overloaded". Overloaded operations have expressions assigned to resources within the operation, such as tools or equipment, for more than one variant filter.
Overloaded process plans, where expressions are assigned to the operations themselves, rather than to resources within the operations, are filtered as expected during conversion.
In Asset Advisor, the Additional Properties and Monitored Properties tables take more than five seconds to load because the GetAdditionalProperties service is executing slowly.
Ensure that remotely bound properties have a Cache Method setting of Read from server cache rather than Fetch from remote every read.
The Cache method setting controls whether property values are read from a property cache that is maintained on the ThingWorx server, or are read directly from the Edge device. The Read from server cache setting causes property values to be read from the server-maintained property cache, which is more performant.
End-of-Support Information
For information on content that has been deprecated or removed in ThingWorx Apps 9.1, see Deprecated Entities and Services.
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