Configuring External Systems
External systems (PTC.SCA.SCO.ExternalSystem) provide an optional method to identify the source system for a work definition that has been imported into Operator Advisor.
The work definition metadata entry for a work definition can include the UID of the external system from which the work definition was imported. This information is not automatically added to the metadata entry, but must be manually added. For more information, see Using Work Definition Metadata.
Creating External Systems
As a best practice, create the external systems that you want to use before creating metadata entries for your imported work definitions, so that the external system UIDs are available.
To create an external system, complete the following steps:
1. In ThingWorx Composer, navigate to the default production order manager (PTC.SCA.SCO.DefaultProductionOrderManager).
2. Under Services, execute CreateExternalSystems.
3. As input, add a row to the ExternalSystems infotable for each external system, with the following information:
Name—The name of the external system.
ID—The identifier for the external system.
URL—The URL of the external system.
UID—The UID is autogenerated. Leave this field blank.
4. Click Execute. The service results show the external systems that were created, including their UIDs.
The following services are available for managing external systems:
CreateExternalSystems—Creates one or more external systems.
DeleteExternalSystem—Deletes an external system.
GetExternalSystem—Retrieves the external system with the specified UID.
GetExternalSystems—Retrieves a list of all external systems. A filter can be applied with an offset and a limit to narrow the list of returned results.
UpdateExternalSystems—Updates one or more external systems.
These services can be executed from the default production order manager (PTC.SCA.SCO.DefaultProductionOrderManager).
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