Work Definitions Tab for Job Orders
The Work Definitions tab for a job order displays all work definitions that are linked to the job order. From this page you can link work definitions to the job order, and remove (unlink) work definitions from the job order.
The Work Definitions page for a job order.
The work definitions that can be linked to a job order are those that are a root work definition (the top-level work definition for a set of work instructions), that are able to be copied (where isCached is true in the work definition metadata entry), and that are not already linked to a job order. When a work definition is selected for linking to the job order, a copy of that work definition is created, including its child work definitions and related entities. The copy is then linked to the job order. This means that multiple copies of a work definition can be linked to a single job order, and that each linked copy is unique.
Mashups and Widgets
The PTC.Factory.Demo.JobOrderWorkDefinitionsMashup mashup defines the display for the Work Definitions tab. This mashup uses the following widgets:
Multiple Button widgets:
For the Link button.
For the Unlink button. This button is enabled when a row in the table is selected, and disabled when no row is selected.
A Data Filter widget, which filters the list based on the selected values.
An Infotable Selector widget. When no row is selected in the table, this widget disables the Unlink button.
A Grid Advanced widget, which lists all work definitions that are currently linked to the job order.
The input parameters for the PTC.Factory.Demo.JobOrderGeneralInfoMashup mashup are:
jobOrderUID—The UID of the job order that was selected for editing from the Job Orders table.
When the Link button is clicked, the UID of the job order that is being viewed is passed to the PTC.Factory.Demo.AddLinkedWorkDefinitionToJobOrderMashup mashup. For more information, see Linking Work Definitions to a Job Order.
The mashup uses the following services from the PTC.Factory.Demo.WorkDefinitionUtils Thing:
DeleteJobOrderWorkDefinitionLink—When Unlink is clicked, deletes the job-order-to-work-definition link entry for the specified work definition and job order.
GetJobOrderWorkDefinitions—Populates the Work Definitions table with the work definitions that are currently linked to the job order.
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