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Resource parameter (UPDM - MODAF aliases)
To create a Resource Parameter:
From a Function or Resource Operation: right-click the element, point to New, point to MODAF, and then click Service Parameter.
On the Select Type dialog, create or select the element that is the type of the Resource Parameter, or create an untyped Resource Parameter.
The type of a Resource Parameter can be a Capability Configuration, Energy, Exchange Element, Geo Political Extent Type, Materiel, Organization, Physical Architecture, Post, Resource Artifact, Role Type, Service Access or Software element.
A Resource Parameter can be represented by a Resource Input Pinor Resource Input Pinon an SV-4 Functionality Description. You can create a Resource Parameter when creating a Service Input Pin or Service Output Pin.
A Resource Parameter does not appear on any diagrams.
The following relationships are of importance to a Resource Parameter:
Resource Input Pin and Resource Output Pin elements represent Resource Parameter elements on an SV-4 Functionality Description.
The following sections provide information about how a Resource Parameter is used in the model.
Create a Resource Parameter from
Resource Operation
Create from a Resource Parameter
Only the UPDM elements that can be created from all UPDM elements ( Alias, Definition, Information and Metadata).
Shown on these diagrams, tables and matrices
In addition to the AV-2 Integrated Dictionary and TV-1 Standards Profile, which can show all UPDM elements:
SV-4 Functionality Description (through a representing Resource Input Pin or Resource Output Pin)
UPDM writeable properties
The following writeable properties are available on the Resource Parameter tab of a Resource Parameter element's Property Pages: