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Board feature types
To describe the technical properties of a board feature link to a board feature type.
Board Feature
Type describes:
Board i/o device
The interface in which the device operates
Memory device
Whether the memory is dual ported, whether the memory is persistent, and the speed of the memory
The clock speed
To set up feature types
1. In the appropriate pane, right-click the folder of the feature type you want to create.
2. Point to New, and then click the required feature type.
Your new feature type will appear in the expanded view of the folder. You change the name and details of your feature type through its Property pages.
To associate a feature with a feature type
1. Right-click the feature, point to Links, and then click Dictionary Items.
2. In the Types list, select the required feature type.
3. In the left pane, select the appropriate folder or Package to display the required feature types.
4. In the middle or right pane, select the check boxes associated with the items you want to link.
5. In the middle or right pane, clear the check boxes associated with the items you want to unlink.
6. Click OK.
Your feature and its type are now linked.
Board feature types are maintained within the dictionary and have no diagrammatic representation. Many board features can be linked to one corresponding board feature type, such as memory devices to a memory type. A set of features linked to a board feature type will all carry the same characteristics.