Model, Component, and Package Management > Package management > Exporting, importing and updating and differencing packages > Exporting a package to a package export file
Exporting a package to a package export file
1. From Modeler, open the Model that contains the Package.
2. If you do not want to export the access permissions that are set for the Package:
a. Open the Package's Property Pages.
b. Click the Options tab.
c. Clear the Merge Permissions check box.
3. Right-click the Package, point to Tools > Package Import/Export, and then click Export.
4. If you are prompted to include sub-packages, click Yes or No as appropriate.
5. Click the selection button, and then select an empty folder or create a new folder.
To create a new folder:
a. Select the folder in which you want to create the new folder.
b. Click the Make New Folder button.
c. Type the name of the new folder, and then press the Enter key.
6. Click OK
After exporting the Package to a Package Export File, other models can then import that Package Export File.
If you later want to update the Package Export File, you can export the modified Package to the same folder, and then other models can update their copies of the Package from that folder.
Note that Packages can also be shared through the Component Sharing Wizard, which has the benefit of providing stub analysis.