Model, Component, and Package Management > Package management > Exporting, importing and updating and differencing packages > Importing a package from a package export file
Importing a package from a package export file
1. From Modeler, open the Model to which you want to add the Package.
2. In the Packages pane, right-click the Model.
3. Point to Tools > Package Import/Export, and then click Import.
4. Select the PKF file in the folder to which the Package was exported, and then click Open.
The Package is created in the Model and is set as protected, as indicated by the gray icon ().
5. If you want the Package to be editable:
a. Ensure you have Model Owner access permissions to the Package.
b. Open the Package's Property Pages, click the Access Permissions tab, and then clear the Protected check box.
The Output pane displays the progress of the import.
Note that detailed information about the import is recorded in a log file that is added to the Windows temp folder (type %temp% in Windows Explorer). The name of the log file is based on the time date and time of creation, that is, StudioPackageMerge_yy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss.log.