Variability Modeling > Modeling variability in a model > Working with variability items and relationships on diagrams > Creating variability relationships > Creating a requires dependency
Creating a requires dependency
You can create a Requires Dependency between Variation Points and Variants.
To create a requires dependency:
1. Open the diagram on which you want to create the Requires Dependency.
2. Ensure that the two items you are going to link are shown on the diagram. See Adding an existing variant to a diagram and Adding an existing variation point to a diagram.
3. On the Variant Diagram or Variability toolbar, click the Requires Dependency button.
4. Click the requiring Variation Point or Variant.
5. Click the required Variation Point or Variant.
6. If you want the Requires Dependency to be bidirectional, on the Options tab of the Requires Dependency's Property Pages, select the Bidirectional check box.
7. If you want the Requires Dependency to propagate the parameter value of the source Variant to the target Variant, see Propagating the value of a parameter through a requires dependency.
8. If you want to create a variability parameter for the Requires Dependency, see Creating a parameter for a requires dependency.