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Creating server logins for users and groups (Model Explorer)
You can create a Server login for an Active Directory user or group. Logins are used for SQL Server authentication. To allow users or groups to connect to the SQL Server instance, you must create a server login for each user and group that you want to give database access to.
To create a server login:
1. Start Model Explorer.
For more information, refer to Starting Model Explorer.
2. In the left navigation pane, expand the SQL icon.
3. Right-click on the server that you wish to add a server login to, point to Logins, then click Create Login....
4. In the Create Login dialog box, enter a user or a group name in the following format:
<domain\username>—to create a user login.
<domain\groupname>—to create a group login.
5. To create a server login with an instance administrator role, select the Admin check box.
6. Click OK to create the server login.
You can create logins for AD users and groups with names that contain non-Latin characters.