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Adding principals to a database (Model Explorer)
To grant users and groups with server login access to a database, you must add them as a database principal.
To add a principal:
1. Start Model Explorer.
For more information, refer to Starting Model Explorer.
2. In the left navigation pane, expand the SQL icon.
3. Expand the server that contains the database you want to add a principal to.
4. Right-click on the database, point to Principals, then click Add Principal....
5. In the Add Principal dialog box, type a user or a group name in the following format:
<domain\username>—to add a user
<domain\groupname>—to add a group
6. To set the user or group as data, select the Admin check box.
7. Click OK to add the principal to the database.
8. Confirm that the Principal added successfully message appears.