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What’s New in PTC Mathcad Prime
In this document, find topics introducing the enhancements in this release. Enhancements are categorized by functional area.
Application Enhancements
Redefinition Warnings
Show Frame (header, footer, page body)
Partial Derivative Operator
Copy/paste multiple values to combo-box
Symbolic Engine Enhancements
Integral transform enhancements
Normalization and oscillatory factor modifiers for fourier keyword
General calculus operators enhancements
General keyword enhancements
Improvement in undefined variable handling
Numeric Engine Enhancements
Updated physical constants
Improvements of statespace function
Improvement of odesolve function
Usability Enhancements
Ctrl/Wheel zoom and better rounding of zoom slider %
Close button on worksheet tabs
Asterisk on unsaved worksheet tabs
Context menu on worksheet tabs
Drag/move worksheet tab
Clear text format button
Save legacy worksheets as HTML in worksheet converter
Windows 11 support
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