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Application Enhancements
Redefinition Warnings
Highlight redefinition of worksheet identifiers, both user and system, with visible warnings on regions
User Interface Location: ClickCalculation > Warnings
Release: PTC Mathcad Prime
Benefits and Description
PTC Mathcad worksheets can contain many user and system-defined identifiers such as variables, units, constants, and functions. During worksheet construction, you may accidently, or purposefully, redefine one or more of those identifiers. By using the redefinition warnings functionality in PTC Mathcad Prime, these redefinitions are automatically detected on calculation, with visible warnings displayed on regions that contain them. You can toggle the display of these warnings for all or individual categories of identifier.
Show Frame (header, footer, page body)
Turn on visible borders for headers, footers and/or page body
User Interface Location: ClickDocument > Page
Release: PTC Mathcad Prime
Benefits and Description
You can now control the display of borders independently for the header, footer, and page body calculation area of the worksheet. Borders are visible both in page view and in printed documents.
Partial Derivative Operator
Insert and use the new partial derivative operator in your worksheet
User Interface Location: ClickMath > Operators and Symbols > Operators
Release: PTC Mathcad Prime
Benefits and Description:
PTC Mathcad Prime includes a new partial derivative operator in the Operators menu.
Copy/paste multiple values to a combo-box
Paste multiple variable values into your combo-box in edit mode
User Interface Location: ClickInput/Output > Controls
Release: PTC Mathcad Prime
Benefits and Description
The combo-box input control was added in PTC Mathcad Express Prime It allows you to control worksheet calculations with easy-to-create, easy-to-use drop-down menus of variable definitions. Multiple variable values can be defined for multiple variables, so in PTC Mathcad Prime we have added the ability to paste multiple variable values directly into the combo-box edit mode. You can copy a selection of values from a matrix, select that same size of data in a combo box and paste. You can also paste into a single value box and the data is pasted from that location down and to the right. In both cases, the combo-box automatically resizes to accommodate the pasted data.
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