Usability Enhancements
Updates and enhancements to the way you interact with the user interface and content in PTC Mathcad Prime
User Interface Location: See description of updated functionality below.
Release: PTC Mathcad Prime
Benefits and Description
In PTC Mathcad Prime, the following usability enhancements are available:
Ctrl/Wheel zoom and better rounding of zoom slider percentage
Ctrl/Wheel zoom can now be used to zoom in and out of a worksheet
Zoom slider now defaults to 5% steps using the and + controls
Close button on worksheet tabs
You can now close worksheets directly from the worksheet tab
Unsaved worksheet indication
For worksheets that have yet to be saved, an asterisk (*) is displayed on the worksheet tab
Context menu on worksheet tabs
A new context menu is now available on all worksheet tabs providing access to useful actions, including:
Close (this worksheet, all worksheets, other worksheets.)
Move tab
Copy full file path
Open containing folder
Drag and move worksheet tab
When multiple worksheets are open, worksheet tab can now be dragged and dropped to arrange the order of worksheet tabs to the your preference
Clear text format command
You can now clear text formatting (font, font size, color) for text selections back to the default text format
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