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To Create and Edit the Custom Dictionary
The custom dictionary file MathcadDictionary.lex is created by PTC Mathcad Prime when you add the first word. The file is located at %LOCALAPPDATA%/PTC/Mathcad Prime/SpellCheck.
The system dictionary and the custom dictionary are used when running a spell check for any worksheet.
The custom dictionary is not part of any worksheet.
To Add a Word to the Custom Dictionary
The custom dictionary is created when you add the first misspelled word for which the system dictionary offers no spelling suggestions. Example of such words are company-specific terminology or company names.
1. Click the misspelled word.
2. On the Text Formatting tab, in the Spelling group, click the Add to Dictionary button. The word is added to the MathcadDictionary.lex file.
Alternatively, right-click the word and select Add to Dictionary from the context menu.
To Edit the Custom Dictionary
You can edit the custom dictionary file to delete a word that you added by mistake, or to add one or more words that you want spell check to ignore.
1. Close all instances of PTC Mathcad Prime.
2. Use a text editor to open the MathcadDictionary.lex file.
3. Delete or add a word. Each word must be on a separate line.
4. Save and close the dictionary file and close the text editor.
5. Restart PTC Mathcad Prime.
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