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About Using PTC Mathcad Prime
Use PTC Mathcad Prime to perform, document, and share your calculations and engineering design work. PTC Mathcad Prime integrates engineering-oriented mathematical notation, full-featured word processing, plots, and images in a single worksheet, making it easy to visualize, verify, and document your work then share it with others. When you enter equations in a worksheet, PTC Mathcad Prime automatically calculates the results. PTC Mathcad Prime delivers all the solving capabilities, functionality, and robustness needed for calculation, data manipulation, and engineering design work.
Take derivatives, calculate roots, analyze data, solve system of equations or ODEs. Change any number, variable, or equation and PTC Mathcad Prime instantly recalculates your worksheet all the way through.
PTC Mathcad Prime allows you to easily convert between multiple unit systems, and even helps you find mistakes by letting you know if you have a mistake in the units employed in your calculations. Units can be used throughout in functions, plots, and arrays.
You can bring in data from Excel, analyze it and write back to Excel if you wish. PTC Mathcad Prime integrates easily with other PTC engineering applications. You can transfer your mathematical calculations and apply the results to your Creo Parametric designs. You can use Windchill Workgroup Manager to distribute your worksheets and calculations.
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