About Context Menus
Context menus allow users to access relevant commands without having to go to the Ribbon and search for them.
When you open a blank PTC Mathcad worksheet, the Math tab is open by default, allowing users to access commands in the Regions, Operators and Symbols, Style, Units, and Clipboard groups.
Top Context Menu
Users can also access a context menu by clicking the right mouse button (RMB). The context menu contains some of the active ribbon commands as well as other useful commands.
For example, users have the option of inserting an image by clicking the Image button, or by selecting the Insert Image option from the context menu.
Other Context Menus
PTC Mathcad provides context menus that are specific to certain regions within the worksheet, such as a Chart Component or an Excel Component. Such menus contain commands that are relevant to the region at hand. For example, the context menu over a Chart Component shows the following commands:
Here users can insert the X-Axis or Y-Axis expressions from the Chart Component drop-down menu or from the context menu.
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