About Spell Check
Starting PTC Mathcad Prime, you can check the spelling of text regions in your worksheet.
On the Text Formatting tab, click Spell Check to switch spell checking on or off. By default, it is on. Spell check considers a word misspelled when it is not found in its dictionary.
You can also click Add to Dictionary to add words, flagged as misspelled, to a custom dictionary. To use spell check in your local language, you must have a language pack for that language installed on your computer.
When performing spell checking, words that are misspelled are underlined. Right-click the misspelled word to see the suggestions for the correct spelling. You can also choose to ignore the misspelling. When you ignore a misspelled word, it is ignored for the active region only.
Spell check checks your spelling in all of the supported languages.
The spell check functionality relies on services provided by the operating system. In order to be able to check spelling in your language, you need to have a language pack for that language installed on your computer. Please refer to Microsoft documentation for more information and a list of supported languages.
Spell check uses a system dictionary to suggest the correct spelling of misspelled common words.
Spell check can also lookup words in an optional custom dictionary:
You can click the Add to Dictionary button to quickly add a new word to this dictionary.
You can use any text editor to delete words from the custom dictionary file.
You can reset the custom dictionary by deleting it when PTC Mathcad Prime is not running.
Ignoring a Misspelled Word
You can select the Ignore option from the context menu to ignore a misspelled word in the active text region.
The misspelled word will not be ignored in other text regions within the active worksheet.
If you save, close, and reopen the worksheet, spell check resets all the previously ignored words.
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