To Define a Function
1. In a worksheet, type the name of the function to define.
2. Type a left parenthesis. A placeholder and the closing parenthesis appear.
3. In the placeholder, type a list of arguments, separated by commas. The arguments must be names. They cannot be more complicated expressions.
4. Insert the definition operator, :=. A second placeholder appears.
5. In the placeholder, type an expression or a string. Variables on the right must be either previously defined or be part of the argument list. Undefined variables are circled in red.
Additional Information
When you reassign function names, you need not specify the list of arguments. sin1 := sin.
To check if a name is assigned to a built-in function, type it in and press =. If it is a built-in function, a message appears. If it is not, an error message appears.
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