Using Literal Subscripts for Name Definitions
Use literal subscripts for naming purposes only. You can use literal subscripts to create names like Vector1 and H2O. Literal subscripts work in math regions only, not in text regions.
To enter a literal subscript as a named variable, on the Math tab, click Subscript. Then toggle to where you want to insert the subscript. Alternatively, press CTRL+-
Although literal subscripts appear similar to matrix indices that you insert with the index operator, they are different in function. Literal subscripts are part of a variable or function name, while matrix indices assign and return value to a vector or matrix element. When you click a literal subscript, you see the cursor. When you click matrix indices, you see a blue open rectangle.
Literal Subscript Operator
Matrix Index Operator
M[2,2 := 2
To insert a literal subscript symbol not available on your keyboard, use a keyboard shortcut or the Character Map. Do not use the Constants menu. For example, to insert the ∞ symbol, press CTRL+SHIFT+Z in the literal subscript placeholder. If a keyboard shortcut is unavailable for your symbol, see To Insert Characters Using the Character Map.
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