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Chi-Squared Distribution
The following functions are associated with the chi-squared equation:
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dchisq(x, d)—Returns the probability density for value x.
pchisq(x, d)—Returns the cumulative probability distribution for value x.
qchisq(p, d)—Returns the inverse cumulative probability distribution for probability p.
rchisq(m, d)—Returns a vector of m random numbers having the chi-squared distribution.
x is a scalar or vector of real values, x ≥ 0. Negative values of x produce a result of zero.
d is a positive integer representing the degrees of freedom. While the distribution equation is meant to be formulated for integers, you can also use real values.
Γ is the Gamma function.
p is a real probability, 0 ≤ p ≤ 1.
m is an integer, m > 0.
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