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About Built-In Functions
PTC Mathcad contains over 700 built-in functions. The built-in functions are denoted by a function name followed by one or more operands which are enclosed in parentheses. The operands of functions are called arguments, and each argument is specified by an expression. The result of a function is calculated by applying the operation of the function to the arguments. The built-in functions are grouped into the following categories:
Additional Information
The built-in function names are case-sensitive.
To get help about a built-in function:
Type or insert the function.
Click the function name, not its argument placeholders, then press F1. The relevant help topic opens.
All PTC Mathcad functions, built-in or user-defined, are limited to accepting a maximum of 16 arguments.
Many common operations are represented by the appropriate mathematical notation, and so are considered operators, described separately.
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