About Text and Images
You can add text and images in your worksheet.
When adding text, the following types of text regions are available:
Text Block—Extends across the full page width. This region does not overlap with other regions in your worksheet. When you move a text block region, or when you add or subtract lines, other regions in your worksheet move up or down. It is useful for inserting long paragraphs of content on the page.
Text Box—This region can be moved across your worksheet and overlap with other regions. It is useful for short notes, annotations for math, and subheads for the math.
If you need to search for text or math strings in the worksheet, you can use Find and Replace. This can be particularly useful when your worksheet contains many pages.
PTC Mathcad Prime offers search capability which allows users to find and replace a substring within any string in your worksheet. The string that contains the substring can be inside:
Text Regions— A Text Box or a Text Block
Math Regions— A Math region, an array element, an array index, or a literal subscript.
When adding an image, use one of following methods:
Copy an image and paste it into your worksheet
Click the Image button to browse for the image file
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