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To Find and Replace Alphanumeric Characters
1. On the status bar of the worksheet, in the Find box, type the characters for your search.
2. In the Options list, select one or more of the search options: Find In Math, Find In Text, Match Case, or Whole Words Only.
3. Click the Find Next icon , or the Find Previous icon , to navigate the entries found.
4. To replace text, type the new characters in the Replace with box, and click the Replace icon .
You cannot replace all the instances of the terms you searched for simultaneously. Each time, you must click the Find Next icon , and then click the Replace icon .
PTC Mathcad Prime and later allows you to find and replace a substring within any string or variable name in your worksheet.
To Find and Replace Symbols
To find and replace Greek, math, or other symbols in your worksheet:
1. Click inside the worksheet to insert a new math region.
2. On the Math tab, in the Operators and Symbols group, click Symbols. A window showing the list of Greek and other symbols opens. Click the desired symbol. The selected symbol is inserted into the worksheet.
Hover over any Greek symbol in the opened window to see the keyboard shortcut for inserting that symbol.
You can use the Windows Character Map utility to insert other symbols.
3. Scope and copy the inserted symbol.
4. Paste the copied character into the Find box. Click Find Next to find the first occurrence of the symbol.
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