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About Solve Block Functions
The solve block functions process problems defined in solve blocks, and they then call solvers that return the solutions to the problems.
find, minerr—Solves a linear or nonlinear system of equations. The minerr function returns an approximate solution when find returns an error.
minimize, maximize—Minimizes or maximizes a function.
odesolve—Solves ODEs in solve blocks.
Additional Information
Most of the solve block functions work only inside solve blocks. minimize and maximize work inside and outside solve blocks.
Symbolic evaluation of functions is not supported inside solve blocks.
Unlike other built-in functions, you can type the solve block function names with an initial uppercase or lowercase letter. Find and find are the same function.
When you insert a solve block function, it is automatically assigned the Keyword label.
The solver that a solve block function calls depends on whether the problem is linear or nonlinear, and on other factors.
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