Removing a Calendar Day
Calendar days can be removed one at a time from the end of a calendar.
To remove a calendar day from a calendar, complete the following steps:
1. From the Calendar Days tab click Overflow menu icon. > Remove. The Confirm Removal window opens.
Remove is disabled if a calendar day is selected in the list or the calendar has only one calendar day.
2. On the Confirm Removal window, click Remove. A success message confirms that the calendar day has been removed from the end of the calendar.
You can click Cancel to discontinue the removal of the selected calendar day.
The Number of Days in the identity pane of the calendar details page is updated to display the new count.
The shifts in the shift schedules for neighboring calendar days cannot overlap. If there are any overlapping errors that prevent the removal of the calendar day, the errors are displayed in the Cannot Remove window. Click OK to return to the Calendar Days tab. Update the shift schedules as required and retry removing the calendar day.
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