Production Dashboard > Setting the Work Center
Setting the Work Center
When you initially access the Production Dashboard, there is no work center selected. Before you can view and enter production data, you need to set the work center on which you are working.
To set the work center, complete the following steps:
1. In the Production Dashboard, click Set Work Center.
A close-up of the identity pane from the Production Dashboard, with a red rectangle and arrow highlighting the Set Work Center button.
The Select Equipment window opens.
2. In the Select Equipment window, navigate to and select the work center on which you are working from the equipment list. Only work centers can be selected.
3. Click Save.
The Production Dashboard refreshes to display the information for the selected work center, including work center details in the identity pane, and the completed production blocks for the work center in the Production Accounting pane. If there is a job order in production on the work center, information for the current job order is displayed in the Job Order Summary pane.
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