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Manually Adding Work Centers for Allocation
You can manually add work centers to the Demand Allocation table. The work centers that can be added are those which belong to the same site as the selected demand window, but which are not already present in the Demand Allocation table. This allows you to allocate demand to a work center that represents some amount of your production, rather than allocating demand only to the specific work centers that actually produce the material.
To manually add a work center to this material for allocation, complete the following steps:
1. On the Demand Allocation table, click Add. The Add Work Center window opens.
2. From the Work Center drop-down list, select a work center.
3. Click Add. The work center is added to the Demand Allocation table with an asterisk (*) at the end of its name to indicate that it was manually added, for example, Work_Center_1*. A Manually Added note appears in the Notes column.
You can click Cancel to close the window without adding a work center.
Only manually added work centers can be deleted.
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