Allocating Demand for a Material
Demand for a material is allocated to individual work centers by percentage. You can allocate demand to work centers in one of two ways:
Allocate demand to individual work centers.
Click Evenly Distribute to allocate the demand evenly across all of the work centers that are currently listed in the Demand Allocation table. If additional work centers are added to the table, their initial allocation is 0. You can click Evenly Distribute again to redistribute the allocation across the updated list of work centers.
To allocate demand to individual work centers, complete the following steps:
1. On the Demand Allocation table, click Edit icon in the Target Allocation (%) column for a work center. A small window opens with a Target Allocation (%) entry field.
2. Enter the percentage of the total demand that is allocated to this work center. This value can be a number from 0 to 100, and can include 2 decimals.
3. Press ENTER or click outside of the window to submit the changed value.
If the entry is valid, the change is immediately saved. The Total Target Allocation field at the bottom of the table updates with the new total percentage of the demand that has been allocated. This value can be less than, but cannot be more than 100. If the value entered would cause the Total Target Allocation to be more than 100, then a warning message displays and the change is not saved.
If the entry is not valid, the change is not saved and the previous (currently saved) value is retained.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to allocate demand to other work centers.
The Target Allocation (%) values displayed in the Demand Allocation table are rounded to 2 decimal places, though the value entered can include additional decimal places.
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