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Standard Design Study
When you select New Standard Design Study in the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box, the Standard Study Definition dialog box appears, from which you can select one or more analyses from the list of all analyses you defined for the model. Creo Simulate calculates results separately for each analysis you select when you run the design study. You can also view results for each analysis separately.
If you do not want to run a design study based on an existing analysis and if you have selected the dimension or Creo Parametric parameter, you can select a predefined analysis, regenerate (Model Regeneration Only), that regenerates the Creo Parametric model.
You can examine the following results for a standard design study:
Result windows for all quantities on the Result Window Definition dialog box that are valid for each analysis in the study
Measure values listed in the summary file for each analysis
You must define a separate standard design study if you want to include multiple analyses with different design variable settings.