Creo Simulate > Creating Design Studies > Creating Design Studies > Standard Study for Structure and Thermal > To Create a Standard Design Study
To Create a Standard Design Study
This procedure assumes that you are in the Analyses and Design Studies dialog box.
1. Click File > New Standard Design Study. The Standard Study Definition dialog box opens.
2. Enter a name at the top of the Standard Study Definition dialog box. The name you enter must be different from the name of the analysis .
3. Enter a description (if required).
4. Select one or more analyses from the list. If you do not want to run a design study based on an existing analysis and if you have selected the model dimension or Creo Parametric parameter, you can select a predefined analysis, regenerate (Model Regeneration Only), that regenerates the Creo Parametric model.
5. Click to select and add a dimension or to add a Creo Parametric parameter to the Variables table of your design study.
6. Click OK.
You return to the dialog box and the design study appears in the list.