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Standard Design Study with Variables
You can also create an offset design study by running a standard design study with one or more variable set to specific values. This option enables you to explore the design space "manually," through a "what if" study.
The basic strategy for running an offset design study with specific variable and for reviewing the results is the same as for any standard design study.
Following are some additional reasons for running offset studies:
To facilitate setting one or more variable to specific values (for example, the next size permitted by your manufacturing requirements). This allows you to see how the model behaves without actually modifying the model.
To set one or more variable to the start or end point of their range. This technique enables you to bracket the results within the design space.
To explore a local region of the design space, such as near a design produced by an optimization study.
You can save the version of the model Creo Simulate creates when you run an offset study.
* The optimized version of the model is saved in a subdirectory of the study directory called ".optimized_model". It is used to view the results for an optimization study.
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