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Generate Report for Measure Results
You can create or view reports of measure results of a model that is currently active in the result window.
Measures summary file—When you run an analysis, Creo Simulate writes a list of measures and their values to the engine summary (.rpt) file and creates a measures summary file as a comma separated value (.csv) file with the default filename, <study_directory>.csv.
You can open the .csv file in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. When you open the .csvfile,
The first column of the .csv file lists the measure names and is followed by a column with the corresponding values. In addition to measure names and their values, Creo Simulate also lists the x, y, and z locations of the evaluated measures in the subsequent columns.
View Measures in Results window—Use Home > Measures to view the measure values of a model that is currently active in the result window. This command is only available for the model, fringe, and vector plots. The Measures dialog box opens after you select the Measures command. Note that, you can only view the measures of a single load set.
HTML Report—To create an HTML report of measures, you must include the measures in the Export HTML dialog box. In the Item area of the dialog box, select the window and select the Include measures checkbox to include all the measures and their values for export.
The HTML report consists of measures exported in a two column tabular format. The first column of the report lists the measure names while the next column lists their corresponding values.
You can export the annotations of selected measures to your HTML report. Use the Measures dialog box to create the annotations.