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Export HTML Dialog Box
Select Web Page option from the Type list on the Save As dialog box. Select a location to which you want to save the HTML report file, or use the default directory which is the working directory. When working online you can also select workspace as location to save the HTML report file with the file extension .mrp. This file can be exported to a local directory from the workspace. Type a name in the File name box and click Save. The HTML Report dialog box opens. The dialog box includes these items:
Browser title (optional)—Enter the title that will appear on the title bar of the browser.
HTML report title (optional)—Enter the title that will appear at the top of the report.
Item—This menu lists the windows selected for inclusion in the report, addition to the windows, a Title Block, Introduction, and Conclusion section are listed as well. Selecting any one of these brings up the attributes for that window in the content layout to the right of the list.
Title Block (optional)—Controls the following attributes in the output HTML report:
Include table of contents—Select this check box to include a table of contents for the HTML report.
Include title block—Select this check box to include a title for the HTML report.
Reference model in session—This option is available only in online mode. It is selected by default. When selected, Creo Simulate creates a derived link between the exported HTML results report and the last checked in version of the model. When this check box is not selected, the HTML report is saved as a stand-alone report.
Introduction (optional)—Enter an introduction you want included in the report.
Window1—Include modeling information, measures, and VRML. Use the Select button to choose which modeling entities to include for each window.
Conclusion (optional)—Enter a conclusion you want included in the report.
Preferences—Controls the options for the appearance of the HTML file.
Export—Exports the .htm report file to the location specified on the Save As dialog box.